Toxic effects of native poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae) in Costa Rica : Outline

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Poison dart frogs (Dendrobatidae), native to Costa Rica, provide a unique role in the community because of their toxic capabilities. Also, understanding the general chemistry of the toxins present in animals will help to better associate poison dart frogs with their impact on surrounding species and the environment.


I. Intro
1. focus
a. toxins
b. poison dart frogs
c. impact
2. what to gain

II. Toxins
1. types (vs other species)
2. general chemistry
3. location
4. effects of toxicity
a. vs other species
b. on others

III. Poison dart frogs
1. general info
a. size, shape, distribution etc...
2. community structure

IV. Poison dart frogs and toxicity
1. how toxic?
2. positive impact
3. negative impact

V. Conclusion
1. gained
2. bad or good?

Poison Frogs

Poison Dart Frogs

Poisonous Animals: Poison dart frog (Dendrobates, Phyllobates)

Poison Dart Frogs: WhoZoo

* Daly JW, Spande TF and Garraffo HM. Alkaloids from amphibian skin: A tabulation of over eight-hundred compounds. Journal of Natural Products 68 (10) 1556-1575. October 2005.

* -Predation by Rufous Motmot on black and green poison dart frog. Wilson Bulletin. Volume 111 issue 3 1999 p 439-440

* Toft CA. Evolution of Diet Specialization in Poison-Dart Frogs (Dendrobatidae). Herpetologica v 51 issue 2 pg 202-216

* Taigen TL, Pough FH. Foraging behavior and metabolic chracteristics of Poison-Dart frogs. American Zoologist. Volume 22, issue 4 1982 p 980-980

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