Armored Catfish (Family Loricariidae) in Costa Rican Streams Outline

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A beautiful sunrise over Drake Bay near Corcovado in Costa Rica. See other beautiful phenomena from Costa Rica.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

I. Introduction
A. General Anatomy
B. Species Particular to Costa Rica
C. Habitat
D. Food Sources
E. Reproduction (possibly)
F. Evolution (Possibly)
II. Competition/Interaction with other Algae- and Detritus-Eating Organisms
A. Shrimp
B. Insects
C. Other Fish
III. Effect on Algae Populations
A. Blue-Green and Green
B. Diatoms
IV. Effect on Sediment Composition and Density
A. Inorganic Sediment Mass
B. Organic Ash-Free Dry Mass
V. Effect on Biodiversity of Entire Ecosystem
A. Role in Food Chain
B. Effect on Organisms lower on food chain
C. Effect on Organisms higher on food chain
D. Is their effect on the community natural?
VI. Conclusion
A. Are there any similar species in other habitats?
B. What makes these fish unique? Why are they of special interest?


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Direct vs. Strong Indirect Effects." Ecology 73(3) pp. 927-940.

Armored Catfish are relatively unique to South American neotropical lowland streams. They play a key role in the maintenance of the stream ecosystem by recycling sediment and algae. Plenty of research has been done, specifically regarding Costa Rican armored catfish, making it important to the scientific research currently underway in Costa Rica.

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