Epiphytes: An Ecosystems contained in a Ecosystem

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The extreme tidal flow (~1 meter/sec) at Pigeon Creek, San Salvador, was measured with a current meter in "Blow-Outs" in the main channel.

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Robert Welch

I have done a large variety of research and have lots of notes to start my paper. Please give me any suggestions on anything that should bee added or taken out. The paper is going to emphasize the huge biodiversity that occurs in the epiphytes themselves and in the life that they host.

What are epiphytes?
Introduce areas of growth and what they are
Different kinds of epiphytes
Over 25,000
Portion of foliage that is epiphytes
Host Trees
Not parasites to trees
System to obtain food and water
Epiphytes benefit from growing in the canopy
Host trees can benefit
Hosted Ecosystem
Ecological niche
Examples of different food webs within epiphytes
Importance to the biodiversity
Many epiphytes have not been discovered
Explain how they are being researched…future
100’s are going extinct every year


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