Southern River Otters (Lontra provocax)

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Every now and then we catch a Boa Constrictor, Drake Bay, Costa Rica!

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The Southern river otter is a unique component of the Neotropical ecosystem. Although the Giant otter is prevalent in the southern part of the Neotropics, especially in the Amazon basin, the Southern river otter is the only species of otter found in Costa Rica. Primarily as a result of poaching, water pollution, and habitat loss, the Southern river otter currently resides on the endangered species list, but advances in wildlife conservation have attemped to make the future of this species more promising.

A. Introductory Information
1. Physical description
2. Basic anatomy/physiology
3. Habitat
4. Diet
5. Reproduction
6. Behavior

B. Role in Ecosystem
1. Enviornmental impact
2. Economic impact
3. Predation
4. Conservation issues

C. Conclusion


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