Coral Bleaching and Global Climate Change

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There are very specific conditions under which corals can grow and survive, and these marine conditions are being threatened by the changes in global climate. Coral bleaching occurs when these conditions are not met, which can prove devastating to coral. Coral reefs, among being beautiful and harboring a wide array of marine life, are also beneficial to humans. Corals can be used in medicines, and coral reefs attract a great deal of tourism for local areas. The loss of coral reefs due to negligence towards the climate changes the planet is undergoing is a serious issue, and I hope to explore the effects of global climate change on coral reefs and why further coral bleaching is something we should hope to avoid.


A)What is coral bleaching
B)Why is it a problem
II)How changes in global climate effect coral
A)Polyp structure
B)Sensitive to temperature
C)Sensitive to ultraviolet rays
III)Effects of coral bleaching
A)Tourism decreases
B)Symbiotic relationships cease
C)Loss of habitat
IV)Long term effects
A)Loss of unique ecosystem
B)Effect on organisms living there
C)Missed medical opportunities
V)Future of coral reefs/what can we do
A)What can be done
B)Efforts that have been made


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