Global Warming: Changing Life on the Coral Reef (Final)

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Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

Global warming is a very serioius threat to many ecosystems and our current way of life. I am interested in its impact on coral reefs, especially in regards to the bleaching of these usually vibrant communities. I want to discuss the human contribution to global warming and determine how its progression can be curtailed in the future to prevent serious devastation of the coral reefs. I am interested in the increased amount of ENSO events and tropical storms due to global warming. I will also investigate how coral bleaching affects marine species and look at methods for decreasing stress on the reefs, such as creating marine- protected areas.

I. Introduction
A. Debate regarding the issue of global warming
B. Scientific confirmation of its existence

II. Overview of Global Warming
A. Explanation of the greenhouse effect
B. Increase in CO2 due to burning fossil fuels and deforestation
C. Rise in global temperature

III. Impact on Coral Reefs
A. Benefits of coral reefs
B. Symbiotic algae loss due to heat stress
C. Recovery of zooxanthellae vs. death of coral
D. ENSO events
E. Increased intensity of tropical storms

IV. Impact on Marine Life
A. Local coral species death
B. Habitat loss for marine fish communities
C. Local and possible global species extinctions
D. Marine- protected areas to prevent overfishing

IV. Future Outlook
A. Research on coral regeneration and adaptation
B. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

V. Conclusion


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