Green Sea Turtle consevation and species awareness (Draft 1)

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A sobering view of a Two-toed Sloth as it makes its way along utility lines on our way to Monteverde Preserve. This is what can happen to animals faced with disappearing habitat.

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The Green Sea turtle is one of the eight species of sea turtles that are endangered due to human cause. It is amazing how many people are unaware that the species is in danger and will continue to do activities that cause harm to the Green Sea turtle species. It just goes to show how important it is to make people aware of the current problems and to teach them techniques on how to help improve the Green Sea TurtleÕs status. The goal of my paper is to provide in-depth research educating the public about the Green Sea Turtle species and what we as humans can do to help conserve them.

I. Introduction
A). Scientific Name
B). Basic Information

II. Habitat and Distribution
A). Where they are commonly found
1. Warm waters and the Mediterranean
B). Habitat
1. Natural (Bays, Inlets and estuaries)
2. Man made (aquariums)
C). Traveling Distance

III. Physical Characteristics
A). Body Structure (all physical attributes)
1. Shell Formation
2. Shell color (how it gets itÕs name)
3. Protection
B). Distinguishing Features
1. Facial Markings
2. Weight
3. Prefrontal Scales

IV. Adaptations for Aquatic Environment
A). Metabolism
1. Conserving Oxygen
2. Fresh water from metabolism of salt water
B). Circulatory System
1. Blood flow redirection
C). Salt gland
D). Drawbacks

V. Diet and Eating Habits
A). Typical Diet
1. Young turtle diet
2. Adult turtle diet (uniqueness of adult diet)
B). Eating location
1. Eat underwater (length of time underwater)
2. Mangrove beds, Sea grass locations

VI. Behavior
A). Sleeping behavior
B). Swimming speed
C). Behavior around humans

VII. Reproduction
A). Age of sexual maturity
B). Breeding season
1. October through February
2. Mating
C). Eggs
D). Hatchlings

VIII. Natural Threats
A). Predators
B). Protection

IX. Human Impact on Green Sea Turtles
A). Food products
B). Pollution
1. Noise and Light pollution
C). Boating
1. Fishing nets
2. Motors

X. What is currently being done for conservation?
A). Education
C). Wildlife Refugees
D). Donations

XI. Rescue Procedures
A). Volunteer sightings
B). Rehabilitation
C) Release

XII. What still needs to be done
A). Problems with current conservation efforts
B). Suggestions

XIII. Conclusion


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