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Summer in the Bahamas is jellyfish season and I think they are fascinating marine creatures. Even though Jellyfish are made up of more that 95% water and canŐt swim, they are one of the greatest predators of ocean life. There are up to 200 different species of Jellyfish such as LionŐs Mane, Portuguese Man-of-War, Cannonball Jelly, and Sea Nettle. I have always had a fear of jellyfish, living in Florida, as I often find myself in their presence. My purpose in writing this paper is to better understand this sea creature in the hopes it will calm some of my fears.

Jellyfish (Cnidaria)

I. Species (about 200)
Dangerous Jellies

i. Types (Location)
1. LionŐs Mane (Atlantic Ocean from above the Arctic Circle to Florida; Gulf of Mexico; Pacific Ocean from Alaska to southern California)
2. Portuguese Man-of-War (Gulf of Mexico; Caribbean Sea near the Bahamas; West Indies)
3. Sea Nettle (Chesapeake Bay; Pacific Ocean from Alaska to southern California; Atlantic Ocean from Massachusetts to Florida; Gulf of Mexico)
4. Etc.
ii. Stings
1. Treatment of Stings
2. Sting Prevention
b. Harmless Jellies
i. Types (Location)
II. General Information
a. Body
i. More than 95% water
ii. Floating mouth and digestive system
iii. No brain, no blood, no nervous system
b. Sizes
c. Locomotion
i. Vertical and Horizontal movement
ii. Jet propulsion-like pouncing
d. Food (Feeding Mechanisms)
i. Plankton
ii. Fish
iii. Other jellyfish
e. Lifecycle
f. Reproduction
g. Defense (Venom apparatus)
III. Other
a. Importance to Marine Life
b. Conservation
c. Issues with Captivity
d. Jellyfish as source of protein
e. Jellyfish in pop culture
IV. Conclusion


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