Mangrove Trees: The Irony of Preservation of an Economic Source

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Andrea and Joe return to the boat from Gaulin Reef in San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

The mangroves is an unique species. A tree that is able to live in saltwater. On the coast of Florida the mangroves are most plentiful. Striving in areas were the freshwater from the main land and the seawater meet. I will look at the different types of mangroves and the values of the mangroves economically and environmentally. I will also look into policies that are in place to help preserve the mangroves and their inhabitants.

I. Introduction

II. Types of Mangroves
A. Black Mangroves
B. Red Mangroves
C. White Mangroves
D. Buttonwood

III. The value of Mangroves
Economical Value to humans
Nature Value
Species that inhabit the roots and branches

IV. Tragedy
Oil Spills
Human Effect

V. Prevention Programs for Mangroves/ Policies
1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act

VI. Conclusion

1996 Mangrove Trimming and Preservation Act, Florida Statutes,

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