West Indian Manatee Conservation- Draft #1

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Horror of horrors! Club Med makes the scene at Grotto Beach, San Salvador, Bahamas. See other beautiful phenomena from the Bahamas.

Tropical Field Courses -Western Program-Miami University

The West Indian Manatee of Florida is one of the most well-recognized animals, but it is also one of the most endangered. It was discovered long ago, but research on this fascinating creature did not begin until 25 years ago. Its continued survival is pertinent in many aspects, for both the environment and human industry (tourism). My paper will explore the influence of humans on manatee survival and the ways that humans are beginning to protect and save them.

I. Introduction
A. Manatee facts and description
B. Negative effects humans have on manatees

II. Human Impact upon Manatee Survival
A. Boating
B. Perinatal deaths
C. Other

III.Manatee Rescue
A. How manatees are rescued
B. Rereleasing into the wild

IV. Efforts for Conservation
A. Manatee Awareness
B. Laws (federal and state)
C. Future Outlook

V. Conclusion


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