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On March 27, 1997 Comet Hale-Bopp passed almost in front of the Andromeda Galaxy, shown on the lower left. From the Astronomy Picture of the Day.

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Interesting Web Pages at this Site

Trop Ecosystem Courses

Weather Sites (Maps, Forecasts, Satellite Imagery, Satellite Movies, Hurricanes, Severe Weather, Computer Models, Radar, etc)

Astronomy Instructional Materials

The Astronomy Picture of the Day. Each day, a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

Our Solar System

How many planetary systems are in this massive spiral galaxy?

Planet Earth & Plate Tectonics

The plate tectonic images and movies come from Dr. Steven Schafersman's excellent Plate Tectonics site. Please visit the site for a much more complete treatment of plate tectonics.

The Moon

Meteors: What They Are with Focus on the Leonid Meteor Shower

Mars Stuff

US Naval Observatory

US Naval Observatory- Astronomical Applications computes, from fundamental astronomical reference data, the position, brightness, and other observable characteristics of celestial bodies, as well as the circumstances of astronomical phenomena.

Quicktime!! Solar System Animations!

From the wonderful Views Of The Solar System astronomy web pages. Please visit their amazing index of images.

An animated gif of solar system planetary motion in one earth year. From Ed Stephan's Excellent Animation Web Page

Our Sun--Quicktime Movies of Eclipses and Solar Activity

A fantastic GOES 10 satellite loop (animated gif) of the Feb. 26, 1998 Solar Eclipse! (From GOES Hot Stuff.)

  • Student Guide to Global Warming
  • Climate Change and Solar ‚Äč
  • Solar physics on the web- This page lists web sites that contain information on the Sun.
  • The Solar Data Analysis Center at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland USA.
  • The Exploration of the Earth's Magnetosphere- NASA presents a detailed survey of 40 yrs of studies and discoveries.
  • Global Warming: Man- or Sun-made?
  • A Primer on the Space Environment- Our Star, Our Sun (NOAA)
  • The Sun as an X-ray source
  • The Aurora Page:Information, links and images about the "Northern Lights".
  • The Electromagnetic Spectrum
  • An Interview with Sol by Robert J. Nemiroff
  • Solar Physics
  • The Education and Public Outreach Page of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
  • Todays Space Weather!! (From NOAA--Check out the Latest Weather on the Sun!)
  • Sun
  • The Education and Public Outreach Page of the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)


    There is quite a bit of interest in sundials around the world. So,..I thought I'd start a new Sundial Section!

  • Sundials on the Internet
  • Sundial site of Frans Maes

    Space Cowboy Weather--Just what is our sun up to?

    Check out these WWW sources! These Solar sites will allow you to closely coordinate your telescope observations with day-to-day solar activity. Amazing stuff!

    Movies of the Sun!

  • Supernova & Black Holes

    Worm Holes--Loop "holes"around the laws of physics!

    Black Holes and Quasars-Quicktime Movies

    Our Milky Way and Beyond

    The Supernova that formed the Crab Nebula was visible even in daylight, 1054 AD.

    Star Birth and Other Neat Hubble Animations-Quicktime Movies

    Fantastic MPEG Movies From Hubble Space Telescope Public Pictures

    Specific Info on Constellations-Includes stars, messier objects, and mythological background Read Jen and Ricks Writings on Constellations!

    An animated gif of celestial motion as observed from the earth. From Ed Stephan's Excellent Animation Web Page

    Aboriginal & Ancient Star Knowledge

    Easter Island Mysteries!

    The Rest of the Astro Links

    Fun Stuff

    --Check Out Episode 1 AND the Latest Preview "Menace."of Star Wars!! Also, check out this quicktime movie of Darth Vader when he was seriously disturbed! Of course, things wouldn't be complete without Jabba!

    Astronomy Resource Database

    There is a large database of links at this site. The Database concentrates on astronomy, tropical ecology, global change and weather, greenhouse warming, and natural resources.

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