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These are Research Proposals for Human Nature 1, Spring '01. Please feel free to browse...

You can Input Your Research Proposal , and then review feedback on this page.

Peer Review is a fundamental component of doing science.To help make your projects more scientifically sound, you are being called upon to put forward your ideas, proposals, Posters and final report as well as provide feedback to your peers.

Remember: You can go back to the Human Nature syllabus or use the outline below as a guide to the structure of your research proposal.Good luck!

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All projects must include graphs and statistical analyses in the WWW postings. You must also include files of your data (excel files are perfect!).
Need help with your submission of Images, Graphs, and Data? Download the Help Sheet! Hays will also host a help session on how to post your projects to our WWW database.

Proposal Format

Some minor details: Your proposal should be a minimum of 5 pages in length. Connect with your research ideas, show your committment and engagement with your project topic. Expand upon your project ideas, provide a detailed context and background for your study. Utilize your references providing examples where you see fit. Give explicit details on your experimental design.

The recommended format is shown below:

1. Introduction

  1. Purpose/Problem. What is (are)your hypothesis(es)?
  2. What do you plan to accomplish?
  3. Relevance, if any. Why is this research interesting?

2. Relevance of your research question

  1. Literature Review--What have others done?
  2. How does your research relate to a larger question (use real world examples)?

3. Materials and Methods

  1. What is your experimental design? Is it statistically sound? What types of data analysis will you do?
  2. Describe important materials and how they will be used.
  3. Describe other methods. How will you involve the class in your study? Be specific!
  4. Have you included a Example Survey or Data Sheet?
  5. Who is your survey audience? How many surveys will you distribute and why?
  6. Include a specific time-line of research execution

Future Considerations!

4. Results (To be included in your final report)

  1. Observations
  2. Tables (numerical data) and figures (graphs, drawings, etc.) when appropriate

5. Discussion & Conclusions

  1. Interpret your results, explaining why you got the results you did.
  2. Think beyond the project. What additional questions do you have?
  3. What suggestions do you have for further investigation?

Human Nature Research Proposals:

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