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Tropical Marine Ecology Digital Images 2002 : Table of Contents

Course Beginnings
IMG 8087
Dive Boat
IMG 8129
Algae Challenge
IMG 8201
IMG 8212
Fixing Dinner
IMG 8265
Mangrove Walk
IMG 8106
Dwarf Whale
IMG 8284
Florida Outcrop
IMG 8316
To San Salvador
IMG 8419
Intertidal Zone
IMG 8439
Cockburntown Reef
IMG 8661
Manhead Key
Altar Cave
IMG 8810
Catto "Bird" Key
IMG 9043
Grotto Beach
IMG 8788
Cut Key "Diving"
IMG 8578
Pigeon Creek Area
IMG 8703
"Trash" Beach
IMG 8488
Lighthouse Cave
IMG 9204
Course Party
IMG 9281
Going Home
IMG 9406
Jean Lafitte Park
IMG 9434

Tropical Marine Ecology Digital Image Roster 2002
Florida Keys and Everglades
San Salvador, Bahamas
  • Course Beginnings
  • Dive Boat
  • Algae Challenge
  • Everglades
  • Fixing Dinner
  • Mangroves
  • Dwarf Sperm Whale
  • Florida Outcrop
  • To San Salvador
  • Intertidal Zone
  • Fossil Reef
  • Manhead Key
  • Altar Cave
  • Catto Key
  • Grotto Beach
  • Cliff Diving
  • Pigeon Creek
  • Trash Beach
  • Lighthouse Cave
  • Shortstop Party
  • Going Home
  • Jean Lafitte
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  • Visit Altar Cave, a cave located along a former Pleistocene shoreline on San Salvador, Bahamas.
  • Visit Catto Key Bird Sanctuary, an island located in Grahams Harbor, San Salvador, Bahamas. What a Cool place!
  • Students had a blast at Cut Key diving and jumping off an elevated cliff in Grahams Harbor, San Salvador, Bahamas. I can't wait to get back!
  • Our first snorkeling and SCUBA experiences were on the barrier reefs off of Key Largo in Florida. It was great!
  • Cockburtown Fossil Reef is over 100,000 years old. Yet, the corals seem to be in excellent shape. While this reef was alive, what were the conditions on Key Largo? Later in the day, we visited a blow hole, a fossil dune field, and we snorkeled the Pigeon Creek Tidal estuary.
  • Grotto Beach is the most beautiful beach on San Salvador. The shoreline is a modern day analog to the Pleistocene Altar Cave and fossil shoreline region we visited earlier in the day. After a wonderful snorkel to the Grotto barrier reef, students had fun playing in the surf!
  • The Grahams Harbor intertidal zone along the shoreline of North Point is a fascinating place. Here, the class characterized the physical and biological characteristics within this fascinating ecotone.
  • The San Salvador Lighthouse and the Lighthouse cave were the last San Salvador "stops" before leaving for home. The cave is partially flooded with seawater, which makes for interesting explorations.
  • Manhead Key is a Pleistocene island located offshore in Rice Bay. The island has a small population of iguanas, fossil Pleistocene seafloor, huge boulder fields generated from the 1992 Perfect Storm, palesols, and archeological artifacts.
  • East Beach along the High-Energy side of San Salvador, is loaded with a variety of debris from the open Atlantic. We refered to it as Trash Beach. We even found some baleen from the skeleton of a small whale.
  • The restoration of the Everglades may be the Key to the overall health of the entire coastal ecosystems in southern Florida. What an interesting place!
  • We were fortunate to participate in the hospital care of a dwarf sperm whale in Key Largo. Our students helped feed, take blood samples, and swim with this very sick whale. The beached whale died a few days later from a punctured lung and other complications.
  • And, last, but not least........The SHORTSTOP Party!

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