Statistical Analysis of Cars Driven in Oxford by Type

This Progress Report submitted by Melissa Fried, Eric Fox, Chris Yon, Kaci Stewart, Melissa Woehr, and Andrea Smal [e-mail:] on 10/23/00.

How to Use Statview for the Herbivore Lab!!

Open the template for car lab on the desktop

The categories are already there for you in the order they are on the sheet….start entering data such as
1. Red SUV random # in the box on the sheet

Continue filling in until all of the boxes are entered into the computer

Go to analyze on the top of the screen and hit New View

Hit descriptive statistics on the left hand side and a little box should pop up on the right hand side of the screen

Click on column 4 and then click add –this sets your data numbers as the independent variable

Then click each category and hit split by which gives you analysis of the data

That’s not all!!

Click on unpaired comparison ( in the box on the left) —repeat steps as above except only double click each category after your independent variable is set to get the data analysis

Print your results!!!! (Remember to label yours as Random or Non-Random depending on the data your group collected Random-driving cars Non-Random-parked cars)

Find the p-value and determine whether the data was significant or not…review J

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