This Progress Report submitted by Brian West, John Cerone, Jaime Caraballo, Glen White[] on 11/18/98.

Our progress has been damaged due to a technical difficulty. Rootstock is far from accessable, therefore we were unable to successfully atempt grafting of bean plants. As of October 20 we decided to change or proposal of grafting to a lab packet of Cuttings. We found the idea of cuttings to be an experiment with a greater chance of success. As of october 20th we have planted fourty cuttings in four differnt media and have been watering three times a week. ever monday wednesday and friday for the past three weeks we have mesured the growth percentage for the week. as of now we have not seen any significant growth. however or experiment has suffered a recent flaw in the data. due to a mis watering before the weekend when we came in on monday to water we noticed that the cuttings in the sand media had dried out. therefore we tend to reinstate the failed cuttings and factor in the data flaw. due to a lack of time to find the research to completely fill out the cutting lab we were unsuccessful and requested the resubmitance of the lab packet in the internet post we fail to complete. this is where we are to this date in time. that is our progress.
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