8th Grade Science Fair at McCook Central

This response submitted by Suzy Webb (eminems_got_it_all@hotmail.com) at 9:23 pm on 9/25/00. Additions were last made on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Section: Nicholson

This Really isnt a response but Hi, My name is Suzy and I attend McCook Central Middle school. I am in 8th Grade and it is the last year for me to do the science fair becuz then i am in high school.Me and My Partners, Rory and Logan, are doing "How does color effect you mood" and your web site seemed to give off lots of info.
If you can help me any on this, please do. my email is eminems_got_it_all@hotmail.com it would be lots of help. i would like to do exellent on my last year. i find a great interest in science. Answer my question though pleaze if you dont mind, When doing this experiment, Was there any special effects the people did?
Thanx sooo much for your cooperation.
Suzy Webb

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