Color and the Human Psyche

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We are dealing with the effect of color on the human psyche. Our experiment is to provide controlled settings in which each setting will be a specific color; we will create a definition of mood and the measurements thereof. Our experiment is to see how color effects people's moods by having them read a writing while surrounded by a specific color. We will use an identical piece of writing or group of reading materials for each person being interviewed. We hope to see which colors effect people in different ways.

Controlled variables will be:
* Time of day interview occurs
* Number of Men versus Woen being interviewed
* Age of interviewees (all will be college freshmen)
* Color of room
* What we (the interviewers) wear
* Weather the reading is read by the interviewee, the interviewer, or
is previously recorded for all cases
* In which room the interview occurs

Uncontrolled variables we will try to identify:
* Responses to questions
* Mood previous to interview
* Mood after the reading
* Body language
* What the interviewee is wearing
* Lighting of the room
* Noises in the room
* Weather conditions on the day interviewed

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