The Effects of a Drought on Water Pollution

This Progress Report submitted by Leslie B, Jackie K, Pete K, Matt W, Adam G, David S [] on 10/12/99.

We began collecting water samples 2 weeks ago. We have approximately one gallon of pond water sampled prior to the rainstorm. Then we set up basins to collect rain water from a drainspout, from a tree, and from an open area. Unfortunately, following the rain, two of our basins disappeared, so we do not have the samples collected from the open field and the tree. We do have another gallon of pond water taken after the rain and the water from the drainspout. These are all stored in dark refrigerators.
After finding the water test kits in the science center, we each learned how to use one, testing samples of tap water. We learned to test for sulfate, nitrate, calcium, chlorine, and pH.
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