Homosexualtiy: biologically or environmentally constructed

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There are many. The surveys should be going out this coming week. I'll be handing them out Wednesday during lecture to the class. I will also be floating around the zoology dept., handing them out to students/professors I know. I'm hoping this will result in less homogeneous results. I won't be giving them out to GLBA, as my partner has disappeared (he was my link to GLBA).

Problem 2: my partner has disappeared, although perhaps not as dramatically as another person's partner in the course.

Problem 3: The paper is distinctly tilted towards male homosexuality. I would like to look at female homosexuality; however, it's going to make the paper very large. There's a lot of conflict over whether or not homosexuality is developed similar in both males and females - both biologically and environmentally. For instance, the discussion Thurs. in seminar about the inner ear, and how there are diffences in the size between both homosexuals and heterosexuals and between lesbians and male homosexuals. There's also differences in the amounts of hormones in the mother's womb for both male and female homosexuals. And still more differences when looking at genes. However, everything I've mentioned is extremely controversial - there are debates on whether or not there really is a gene for homosexuality, etc etc.

Any suggestions?

I think that's all my problems.

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