DIGITAL Images from Tropical Marine Ecology 2001

Marine Ecology DIGITAL Images-2001: (Return to Main Image Pages)

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Tropical Ecosystem Field Course Syllabii

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Course Syllabus 2002: Tropical Marine Ecology of the Florida Keys, Everglades and the Bahamas

Course Syllabus 2002: Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica

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Marine Ecology DIGITAL Images-2001 : Table of Contents

Each "Thumbnail" is the doorway to the picture contents of a folder, roughly (very loosely) categorized by themes. These pictures have not been thru my "digital" darkroom. But, having said that, there are some beautiful images of you and the places we've been together. Enjoy!

Underwater "Tings"
Mangrove Ecstasy
IMG 2575
The Lighthouse & the Cave
IMG 3436
Altae Cave & Grotto
IMG 3170
Mollasses Reef Dive Trip
IMG 2655
Student Pictorial Tour
Intertidal Zones
IMG 2975
Bird Sanctuary
IMG 3111
Everglades Wonders
IMG 2700
End of Course Party
IMG 3501
Volleyball Tournament
IMG 3241
Pigeon Creek Estuary
IMG 3308
Cockburntown Fossil Reef
IMG 3025
Random Photos
IMG 2803
IMG 2679

Marine Ecology DIGITAL Images-2001
  • Underwater "Tings"
  • Mangrove Ecstasy
  • The Lighthouse & the Cave
  • Altar Cave & Grotto
  • Mollasses Reef Dive Trip
  • Student Pictorial Tour
  • Intertidal Zones
  • Bird Sanctuary
  • Everglades Wonders
  • End of Course Party
  • Volleyball Tournament
  • Pigeon Creek Estuary
  • Cockburntown Fossil Reef
  • Random Photos
  • manattee01

    Pictures of Sarah (from Scott Wankel)
  • A Close-up of Dave and Sarah
  • Sarah and dave taking a sip
  • Sarah and Becky Key Largo, Florida
  • Sarah and Matt explore Altar Cave
  • Sarah and Pete in the back of the Field Station Truck
  • Sarah and Scott hamming it up!
  • Sarah and Scott hamming it up! (One More Time)

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  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW: Florida 2001 Mangrove Expedition (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:The Palm Tree Club--Our 2001 Bahamas party (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:The Great San Sal 2001 Volleyball Challenge (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Molasses Reef 2001 Day & Night Dives (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Catto Key 2001 Bird Potpourri
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Grahams Harbor 2001 Potpourri: Islands, Intertidal Zones, North Point, etc.! (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Cockburntown 2001 Fossil Reef (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Manatee Madness 2001: Key Largo (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Florida/Bahamas 2001 Sunset Potpourri (TME 01)
  • QUICKTIME SLIDE SHOW:Becky's Bahamas Trip Roundup (TME 01)

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