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A beautiful Praying Mantis, SE Costa Rica!

R. Hays Cummins, Western Program, Miami University


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Summer 2003 Preliminary Video and Slideshow Collection

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Leg 1: SE Costa Rica--Caribbean Coast Leg 2:La Selva Biological Station
  • La Selva Field Station. La Selva is a field station along the Caribbean slope made famous for its long standing tropical research tradition. While it did rain, we were very fortunate to encounter a "Golden Morph" Eyelash viper. WOW! A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
Leg 3: Arenal Volcano Leg 4: Road to Monteverde
  • To Monteverde (Wind Farm). After leaving Arenal, we headed for Monteverde. On the way, we stopped in Tileran to visit a "Wind Farm." It was a fascinating visit! A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
Leg 5: Monteverde Preserve Leg 6: SW Pacific Coast
  • Sierpe River Basin Slides. The Sierpe River Basin is beautiful, a contrast between human land use concerns and awesome mangroves. A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • Sierpe River Basin and Mangroves . Wow! More Sierpe River Basin slides. Includes a walk through an abandoned banana plantation (Cecropias have taken over after only two years!) and costal mangroves. A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • Cano Island Twenty or so Kilometers off the SW Costa Rica coastline lies Cano Island. Here, we snorkled. We saw spotted eagle rays, courting manta rays, white-tip sharks, a green sea turtle and fish of all the colors of the rainbow. A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • Corcovado National Park San Pedrillo. Corcovado National Park is one of the most fascinating natural areas remaining in Costa Rica. Here, we focus on the San Pedrillo Field Station. WOW! What a great day! A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • Corcovado Venomous Snakes. We saw two ferdelances in Corcovado National Park! While not large, they were still incredibly beautiful! A Quicktime Video!
  • Corcovado National Park Sirena Field Station. Corcovado National Park is one of the most fascinating natural areas remaining in Costa Rica. Here, we focus on the Sirena Field Station. WOW! It rained HARD for fours hours straight while we were in the forest! A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • Miscellaneous Corcovado Slides. A collection of slides that conatin miscellaneous tropical images of interest inclusing crocodiles, poison dart frogs, leaf-cutting bats, crested guans, and Hays doing push-ups! A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
  • A Corcovado Park Mix. Donna's collection of slides from Corcovado National Park, San Pedrillo Station. A Quicktime Slideshow! (TREC 03)
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