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Here is a varied collection of slides, slide shows and movies taken over the last few years in conjunction with our Interdisciplinary Studies Program here at Miami University. While multiple computer platforms are suitable for multimedia work, my computer platform of choice is Apple's Unix based OS X on a Quicksilver Powermac. Most any Mac will do. Apple's Quicktime technology is nothing short of amazing and is available, for free, on Windows Computers. The movies were processed using Apple's free I-Movie or Final Cut Pro. The slides were organized into slide collections using Andrew Stone's Photo-to-Web

Digital Slide Collection

Tropical Ecosystem Field Course Images--13 years of the very best photos, images and movies

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Tropical Ecosystems of Costa Rica Digital Slides and Streaming Videos
Tropical Marine Ecology Digital Slides and Streaming Videos

Digital Slides from the WCP Integrative Sophomore 2004 Seminar The Nature of Human Nature

  • Feb 2004 field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a great day!
  • April 2004- Human Nature Multiple Intelligences Lab

    Digital Slides from the WCP Integrative Sophomore Seminars on Rivers

    Digital Slides from the Feb Popcorn and Python Night

  • 02/04/04--Popcorn and Pythons Night. Over 100 individual slides from the Science Center's Popcorn and Python Night, Feb 4, 2004. Thanks to everyone that participated, including Thelma (our python), and Vega + Drake (our resident tarantulas). We had a blast. Special thanks to Jason Harnish and Rob Magorien, who both organized the festivities, and Randy Wilson, Amy Barton, and Rob Green, who tamed the beasts. Photo credits--Jason Harnish.

    Birds, Snakes, Butterflies, etc from southwest Ohio Ohio!

    Other Interesting Slides--Crawfish Festivals, student field trips, etc

    Western College Graduations and Other Celebrations

    Quicktime Movie Slideshows of the Peffer Park Nature Hike

    Quicktime Streaming

    Here is a collection of a few of my latest attempts at Quicktime Streaming. Sometimes the quality is not so hot. But, overall, the technology is extremely promising. These movies are streamed from a "Quicksilver" Power Mac using Apple's free, cross-platform Quicktime Streaming Server 4.0. I'll add new examples as I make them. This technology is incredibly useful in the classroom and has been succesively utilized in a wide variety of teaching settings.

    Interdisciplinary Studies Field Courses and Other Activities

    Streaming Videos from the course Rivers: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

    Spider(s), Snakes and Iguana Streaming Slideshows

    QUICKTIME Movie--Students Hold "Vega," a Costa Rica Red Rump Tarantula at a recent Spider and Cider Night. A Larger Version can be viewed HERE!

    Other Interesting Streaming Slideshows

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